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Our local suppliers

We work with local suppliers for all the products that are not specifically french, and even for these ones we have found local suppliers offering great quality and service. Please discover our local franco-irish suppliers team !


Gannet Fishmongers

Stephane Gannet is not be introduced. He has been providing fine dining restaurant in Galway for years now. He is the most Irish of the French providers in Galway (or the most French of the Irish proviers in Galway). Meet him on the market on Saturday, or in his warehouse in Ballybane or just come and taste his fish at Le Petit Pois.


Le Petit Délice

Alex and Fred, our friends and partners are of course part of the adventure. You probably already know their bread from their nice, recently redesigned little shop, in Merchant’s road, or from one of the numerous shops and restaurants that are customers of that traditionnal French baker in Galway.


Sheridan Cheesemongers

Sheridan is the host of good cheese in Galway. While we are still sourcing some of our cheese directly from Rungis market in France, we also work with Sheridan Cheesemongers to have a large selection. enjoy our Rookie platter or the wild “Smell my cheese” one… for adventurers only!


Colleran butchers

A mainstay of Galway meat landscape. If you like meat, you know Colleran butcher for sure. Anyway he is located close to our other partners : Sheridan, Le Petit Délice… Just cross the road and have the best meat possible.


Burkes Fruit & Veg

More than 30 years of local tasty fruits and vegetables in Galway thanks to Burkes Fruit & veg. That was the ideal partner for a restaurant who thinks that the quality of the initial products make for half the quality of the final dish !