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Our wine makers

Xavier Frissan

Xavier & Isabelle own a 22 hectares domain, In the south of the Loire Valley.

After some studies at Carcassonne with many internships the Languedoc, Bordeaux and Loire Valley region, Xavier settle in the Loire Valley in April 1990 with only 5 hectares. As he said : « The respect of the Terroir goes trough a reasonable farming, soil work, and natural grassing »

Since 1994 they work with old grapes like « fié Gris » known as sauvignon gris. Or the « Côt » known as Malbec.

Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux

The Girard-Madoux family has long been the owner of a vineyard in Chignin chef lieu, in the south-east of Chambéry, France. The domaine was sold in 1976.
The vineyards left the family for a few decades only, until Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux undertook a training program for winegrower.
His studies in Beaune (France) and his traineeship in the vineyard of Patrice Rion in Burgundy, revealed his passion for wine and vineyard work.

As from 2006, one month after completing a vocational training certificate (BTS) in viticulture and oenology, Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux purchased the vineyards to recreate the family wine domaine. At the time, it consisted of 2.5 hectares of vines planted by his grandparents.
Since then, the domaine has expanded to 6.5 hectares, with different grape varieties such as: Jacquère, Mondeuse, Roussanne and Gamay.


« Man, Soil, Plant… »

Settled in the north of Burgundy, Gautheron family are proud their land.

They want to work in the respect of nature. in 2009 they transform 3 hectares of their fields in organic one. Wich means, remove all the weed killers, boost of bacterial life, limitatiion of grapes per square meter…


Domaine Cuilleron

Probably the winemaker of one of the highest quality red wine in the world, Côte-Rôtie and one of the highest quality white wine in the world, Condrieu. Good news for you we have them in our list and they are affordable! This producer from Rhône valley can not be praised enough : all his wines are gorgious and that’s why you will find a large choice of them in our wine list, Saint-Joseph, Condrieu, Côte-Rotie, Viognier IGP etc.


Didier Desvignes

A remarkable small winegrower from Beaujolais.
Again a focus on quality and on getting the most out of terroir. With mainly Gamay as a grape variety, this winemaker manages to express a high variety of aromas, showing how important location, soil, sun exposure is, and what you can achieve when you are doing great qualit work.


Domaine Barraud

An extremely demanding winegrower. He used the incredible location of vergisson, in the middle of a field of hills and stony slopes to create 15 different kind of Pouilly-Fuissé, Macon Fuissé and Saint-véran. Giving to each parcel a specific atention, harvesting them at a different timing, it is a great surprise to see such a difference of taste bewteen each bottle. A real expert in working a terroir out.


Domaine de Montgilet

The work of Domaine de Montgilet expresses itself best in a unique wine : Côteau d’Aubance. If you thought you don’t like sweet wines, it might be the good timing to make a new try as the wine produced by this family business is just gold in a bottle.


Jean-François Merieau

An innovative winemaker, trying to get great expressivity out of the standard of the region. A blind test on wines from this winegrower would probably deceive more than one wine expert !
Try the Gamay and Sauvignon blanc from Jean-François Merieau, you might rediscover it…


Patrice Colin

Probably the more vine dedicated winemaker we have met. This gentleman knows each of his vine stock. 100% organic, trying to reach a perfect balance between nature and winegrowing, he grows flowers and herbs around to achieve a wine that is naturally protected from insects and birds thanks to the eco-system he produces around. More than that, he uses regional grape variety, like Pineau D’aunis to offer an amazing wine for a great price. He really deserves to be known around and if you go to Loire Valley, pay him a little visit.


Domaine Champs des Sœurs

A small family business from the Roussillon.
Fitou is burnt by the sun and nonetheless, Laurent Maynadier successfully preserves the freshness of the fruit. Try his Fitou or his Muscat and discover the perfect balance of tannins, alcohol and acidity !

Domaine du Grand Arc

Corbières is a fabulous region, surrounded by mountains, highly elevated plateaux give birth to naturally fruity wine. The Schenk family works hard in one of the most isolated part of France to produce the most elegant wine you could think of. The fruit is the heart of their work. I could nearly say that their wine is so good and elegant that it could be paired with anything !

Philippe Gavignet

One of the great masters of Burgundy. Winegrower of one of the most famous wine in the world : Nuits-Saint-Georges. Not often can you try one of these in an Irish restaurant, and even less often by the glass, but thanks to le Petit Pois, you will be able to have this pleasure! Pinot Noir, the king of all grape varieties, to its summum.